The dynamic duo MLCM x NOVA, short for Malcolm and C.Nova, started their music careers together back in 2003. Malcolm had already been rapping for some time in Tampa. He led a team of artists who attended the same high school and who were heavily influenced by Hip-Hop culture; they were Spades Inc. It wasn't until mid-summer of 2003 when NOVA began learning the fundamentals of being a lyricist. Everyone who was a part of Spades Inc. would battle each other and always keep their skills sharp. This is the true origin of MLCM x NOVA; Spades Inc.

NOVA and MLCM changed residencies throughout the years from Florida and New York, but the music lived inside of them. They kept constant communication and continued producing music no matter where they were. In 2009 they moved to New York wanting more from this music industry. They wanted to change the game, they wanted to shake up the music industry, and they wanted full control over the passion they both shared.

In 2010 C.Nova birthed Kings Legacy Inc. It would be the home label of MLCM x NOVA. "I thought starting up a record label and having full control would make more sense than us having to conform to the music industry in hopes of a record deal." says NOVA. They immediately got to work by creating their first official mixtape "The Dark Shade Thru My Lens", which released 1st quarter 2011. With the help of some team mates, DJ ILL WILL and DEF JAM's DJ Tommy Gunz, MLCM x NOVA's "The Dark Shade Thru My Lens" would accumulate over 5K downloads – Landing number 2 on DatPiff's Top 10 Releases right behind number 1's Rick Ross's "Rich Forever" mixtape.

In 2012 MLCM x NOVA released their highly anticipated sophomore project "The New King". Blog Reviews would rate "The New King" a High 8/10. MLCM x NOVA have executed numerous performances at venues such as Sullivan Hall, to Maria Davis's MAD Wednesday's at the Shrine, and even big deal night-clubs such as Phuket. "MAD Wednesday's is a big deal to us because that's where Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, and other New York greats would perform at when they were coming up.",Malcolm says. They are currently working on their next release, which is titled "Forever KL".

2013 was a successful year for Kings Legacy. With their song “Break It” featuring popular Miami buzzing artist Raziel Chamel generating over 30,000 plays on YouTube, they went on to having one of the most talked about records within the underground circuit. With that being said, the Kings went on to headlining Webster Hall, SOB’s, and numerous Hip-Hop events held in their city of New York. Kings Legacy’s MALCOLM x NOVA are expected to release their third label installment – FOREVER KL. “We believe this is going to be our best work yet. “The New King” was a great project, but we look to top that, and it won’t be a problem for us.” NOVA says. “Forever KL” is expected to release in 2014.